Meet Our Instructors


Karrie Kuhn

Pole, Lyra, and Burlesque Instructor

Karrie first started her pole journey many years ago as a way to reconnect with herself after a bad break up and do something that she always wanted to do but was too scared to try. She attended her first class and instantly fell in love. Shortly after she started to add aerial into her already established love for pole and found even more to love with lyra. Soon after, she decided that she wanted to spread her love for this amazing world and attended SLCC where she received an associates degree in personal training and became an aerial instructor. Outside of teaching, she also regularly performs at various venues in and around Salt Lake. She also enjoys crafting and spending quality time with her family,  friends and two fur babies. She love sharing her passion with her students and hopes that this world can bring as much joy to your life as it has to hers.


Kaylin Shadle

Flexibility and Dance Instructor

Kaylin began her training in dance at The Pointe Academy in Highland. After early graduation she began her professional career with “Odyssey Dance Theatre” where she toured Europe & Israel. Afterwards she began dancing with Royal Caribbean on “Freedom Of the Seas”. She then moved to Los Angeles and worked on many commercials, music videos & television shows including America’s Funniest Home Videos “Laugh Dance” “The Ellen Degeneres show” & many others. She’s heavily inspired by others and continues to push towards understanding and evolving her movement in both dance & yoga. She’s excited to share her knowledge for movement with Harmony Fitness and hopes to inspire others to find the best version of themselves.


Johana Vargas

Pole Instructor

Johana started her artistic career in 2002 pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Dance at Universidad de Costa Rica. She has participated in several International festivals and competitions for over 9 years, where she developed a passion for Latin rhythms, Costa Rican and Colombian traditional dances and where she started to do choreographic montages.

In 2007 she received a scholarship for Nuova Danza Academy where she started her specialty in Ballet, she became a teacher of popular dances within the academy.

In 2010 she was hired by the Concordia University of Minnesota as a summer camp Latin dance instructor for children and teenagers. She returned to Costa Rica to finish her Bachelor’s in Contemporary Dance and Ballet at Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica. In 2013 she started her training in the Pole Dance field with Rosita Cajas and Diana Pardo and was certified by the Pole Fitness Alliance and Pole Fitness Association in 2014. She has been trained by Suwasit Fly (Las Vegas), Steven Retchless (New York), Vicky Rame’ (Argentina), Saulo Sarmiento (Cirque Du Solei), Kenneth Kao (Pole Ninja), and Anastacia Skukhtorova (World Pole Dance Champion). Johana owns of PoleFit World Center in Costa Rica teaches in English or Spanish. 


Chenoa Hope Warriner

Yoga Instructor

Chenoa has always been passionate about health, wellbeing, and an active lifestyle. She grew up on the coast, always at the beach swimming, surfing, or just running around, and that playful lifestyle followed her into adulthood. Here in Utah, Chenoa enjoys hiking, rock climbing, stand-up paddle boarding, and all sorts of other outdoor activities. It’s thanks to her yoga practice that Chenoa has found the flexibility required in both body and mind to enjoy such diversity in her lifestyle. With over 700 hours of accumulated Yoga Teacher Trainings, Chenoa’s true passion is for sharing her love of yoga with anyone interested in learning. She is so excited to be a part of the Harmony community and she is looking forward to sharing that enthusiasm with you!

Ana Aguilar

Dance Instructor

Ana was born in Texas and raised in Utah. She has always enjoyed dancing since a young age and was first involved in Ballroom dance from junior high school. She has experience in many different styles including Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Ballroom, and Modern dance. With a passion for Hip-Hop she has trained for several years through studios, university courses, clubs, and workshops. She enjoys both learning and choreographing routines to her favorite songs. Outside of dance she enjoys dabbling in digital art and listening to music. Ana is currently pursuing a degree in Modern Dance at UVU. 


Abbie Simpson

Dance and Flexibility Instructor

Abbie is a Utah native trained in ballroom, ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop, and jazz. Ever since she was young, she's had an interest in teaching and choreographing dances. She is currently a student at UVU, studying for a degree in Dance Education. She is a dedicated and passionate teacher, and dreams of making dance her full time career. Abbie also has a special interest in stretching and flexibility. She enjoys learning about the body, and how people can use it in a safe and healthy way. Outside of dance, Abbie enjoys yoga, cooking, reading, and spending time with her dog and family.

Eva Macias

Pole Instructor

Eva Macias is a mother, dancer, and PhD candidate in Critical Dance Studies at the University of California Riverside. Macias began her pole journey in 2012 and over that time has competed, performed at many venues, and made meaningful connections within the broader pole community between Utah, California, different parts of the country, and internationally. Macias has experience in a variety of dance and movement practices, her primary practices being Native American Fancy Shawl Powwow dance and Pole Dancing. Macias holds a BFA in Dance with a Modern emphasis, and has some learned experience in Bartenieff Fundamentals, kinesiology, pedagogy, ballet, tap dance, and various Modern dance techniques, all of which have expanded and influenced her dance and pedagogical approaches. Macias believes in the practice of Pole Dance as one of strength building, expressing self, and connecting to self and others. As an instructor, she sees teaching as a great responsibility, and she works intentionally to create a safe environment where people can make meaningful connections to themselves and those around them. 

Weslie McBride

Dance Instructor

Weslie has trained in all dance styles from ballet to jazz and hip hop. She was a competitive dancer at Club Dance studio in Mesa AZ, traveling all over the country to take classes from the industry’s top instructors. Her passion for dance has stayed with her, as she continues to teach and coach in studios, high schools and private lessons. She is excited to share her love of movement and the joy that comes with dancing your heart out!

Lizz Parker

IntensIT Dance Fitness Presenter

Lizz has always loved dance and gymnastics as a young girl and was born to lead. After getting married and having four beautiful children she wanted to rediscover the things she loved! Health and Fitness has always been her passion, she began many years ago attending every Zumba class available. Self care for her was being at the gym lifting, dancing or running! Through her fitness journey she has inspired those around her that they too could achieve all the same things! From running 5ks, 10ks and half marathons it taught her mental toughness and discipline through all the training that comes with it. Seeking a more exciting cardio workout, she discovered IntensiT dance fitness! After several months of going to classes, she decided to be certified in teaching. She is pursuing an AFAA certification to continue her fitness journey! She is so excited to meet you in the dance floor where you will dance to new, fresh, remixed top 40 music that will bring you together through community, culture and connection! When she's not at the gym, she enjoys spending time with her family, going on dates with her husband, traveling and cooking and cheering on her son at his football, basketball and track meets!

Ashley Flaker

Yoga Instructor

Ashley is a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. She is an introvert so her best friend is her dog! In the summer she enjoys hiking and spending the day at the lake. In the winter, She hides in hot yoga classes and prays for summer to come back. She loves a high-energy class, a fun playlist, and a meaningful intention. Each time she shows up on her yoga mat her mind, body, and spirit are challenged. This constant challenge pushes her past her comfort zone and into a place of limitless expansion and growth. In addition, yoga has brought a sense of community and deep human connection into her life. She wants everyone to experience the life-changing benefits that she has received from yoga. She truly loves yoga and teaching has brought so much joy into her life. Namaste!



Bellydance Instructor

Kalista has been performing and teaching bellydance for 22 years. She has trained with dancers from all over the world. Kalista has served as co-director for Desert Gypsy Belly Dance Company for  17 years. She is the owner and director of Cheeky Dance and Fitness


Madeleine Buckwalter

Shuffle and Twerk Instructor

Madeleine began dancing and performing at young age training in jazz, ballet, and hip hop. She was on her high schools varsity drill team and danced competitively at a studio. She has also performed in various theatrical productions. After struggling for years with her mental health she found a deep passion for raving and began shuffling her way through festivals all over the country, on stage with DJs, and dreams of performing as a music producer one day. Her love for dancing and music has been a driving force throughout her life. She recently completed a 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga certification and enjoys teaching meditation, mindfulness, yoga, as well as dance.