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Meet Our Instructors


April Miller

Pole Instructor

April's introduction to pole came when she decided that she was not enjoying her day to day workouts anymore.  On the hunt for something new and exciting, she quickly found her love for pole.  While she dabbles in much of the aparti that the aerial arts has, nothing has given her the confidence nor the fun workout and strength that pole has.  Teaching is also one of her passions as she loves to watch the growth of each person's journey.  She sees the same capacity and more in each of her students.  It is not just a workout for her...It is a way for emotional healing in so many areas and she is more than grateful to share that with anyone she can.



Bellydance Instructor

Kalista has been performing and teaching bellydance for 22 years. She has trained with dancers from all over the world. Kalista has served as co-director for Desert Gypsy Belly Dance Company for  17 years. She is the owner and director of Cheeky Dance and Fitness


Julia Jibson

Pole, Chair Dance, and Aerial Hammock Instructor

Julia began training in ballet, contemporary and hip hop at the age of 13. She was on her high school dance team and danced competitively with a studio for 2-3 years. Dancing has always been a form of therapeutic movement and expression for her. It has helped her through some extremely difficult points in her life and she encourages everyone to put a little motion into their day-to-day lives. She is working towards her dream of becoming a professional choreographer and would love to take pole dancing to a competitive or professional level. Julia has always enjoyed teaching and watching those around her grow and progress. She is all about positivity and emotional release through movement. She is very excited to share the love of dance and hopes that you can utilize the skill in your daily life.


Mayzer Thayne

Pole Instructor

Mayzer was a competitive gymnast for 4 years and attended many national competitions. After graduating, he decided to take a break from competing and try something new. A year later he went to a local pole studio in 2012 and fell in love with the sport. From there he trained consistently for recitals and competitions. Taking 1st place titles in Aerialympics and Colorado Pole Championships. As he became a seasoned dancer, he also began teaching pole dancing. He is pole burlesque performer in multiple venues. Prohibition Utah being his main Residency currently. He has a great knowledge of skills, strength, and flow for any stage in pole dancing. 

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Michelle De Hoyos

Pole and Flexibility Instructor

Michelle started in the circus world in 2012 on a Groupon dare. She immediately was hooked and couldn’t get enough. Within 6 months of her first pole class she was teaching her very own classes. She has competed in several local and national competitions in both pole and Lyra. Michelle enjoys teaching and being a part of students successes and the ever supportive aerial community! 


Rilee Shalvis

Pole and Flexibility Instructor

Rilee first started out practicing and teaching yoga and when she was introduced to pole classes, was quickly hooked. Whether it's on the mat or the pole, Rilee focuses on making the practice accessible and inclusive to all students. She loves offering multiple variations of movements so that everyone can feel successful. She is passionate about anatomy and understanding how the body works in the context of mobility, strength, flexibility, and pole! When she's not doing yoga or pole, she's working as a graphic designer to provide a luxurious life for her cat.


Madeline Heitman 

Bellydance Instructor

Madeline is a Tribal Fusion dancer who has been a lover of belly dance for over ten years but really started deeply studying Tribal Fusion the last two years. She has studied under Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, & Imaya of serpentine studies. Also a bodyworker and energy healer, she started to see crossover from this work and loves to teach tribal fusion with a flavor of that acquired knowledge as well as an emphasis on empowered embodiment. 


Paige Moore

Pole Instructor

Paige's love for movement and exercise started as a young child. She grew up as a competitive gymnast and dancer, and following her gymnastics career, she transitioned into cheerleading. Paige cheered collegiately at a D1 university where she served as a captain for two years and attended national competitions. With her cheer career coming to an end, she started shifting her skills into pole dancing, and fell in love with the art and sport of pole dancing. Paige has more than 7 years of coaching and instructing experience in tumbling, competitive gymnastics, and competitive cheerleading. Paige is currently a medical student, also has a master's degree in Athletic Training. She has clinical sports medicine experience working with various types of athletes, dancers, and performing artists. 

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